About Us

1000 Southern Artery is a senior citizen housing facility located in Quincy Point. 641 apartments populate three interconnected buildings. The original building and the first residents moved in during April 1966. 1000 Southern Artery is the 2nd oldest senior housing in the State, but has been maintained over the years in a way that provides safe, affordable, and attractive senior housing. 


You don’t have to live here to be part of this wonderful community!



The Senior Center, owned and operated by 1000 Southern Artery Senior Center Inc., a non-profit corporation, is located within the housing facility organizes and plans many activities, programs, classes, events, and vacations. Members of the “Center” include the 700+ residents and 500+ Center Members living in the surrounding community. Seniors (age 62+) are invited to join and participate in the “Center” programs and activities as Center Members by paying an annual fee. Click Here for More Information.



It is the mission of 1000 Southern Artery Senior Center, Inc. to serve senior citizen members within our community by providing opportunities for social interaction, education, and volunteerism. It is our goal to ensure that we are enriching the lives of our members by offering services to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including recreational and social gatherings. At our Senior Center, we cultivate independence, discovery, and peace of mind by inviting seniors to become a part of our community.